Online Viewing Room

Posted 13 June, 2020

SBG is pleased to announce the launch of our own Online Viewing Room with the continuation of Jane South's solo-exhibition, Switch Back, now live. The show features all available work from her gallery installation plus additional new work made in the past three months. Please stay tuned for ... Continue reading

Martin Wöhrl , Elephant in the Room, Kustverein Ingolstadt

Posted 30 May, 2020

Martin Wöhrl 's solo-exhibition, Elephant in the Room, opening at Kustverein Ingolstadt May 30 - July 5, 2020 "Die Ausstellung ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM zeigt zum ersten Mal die gesamte Serie der in den letzten Jahren entstandenen Betonskulpturen des Bildhauers Martin Wöhrl (geb. 1974 in München). Die Architektur des... Continue reading

Martin Wöhrl in The Last Unicorn, Museum and Gallery in Prediger

Posted 22 March, 2020

Martin Wöhrl in The Last Unicorn: The Unicorn in the Mirror of Pop Culture March 22 - August 30, 2020 MUSEUM UND GALERIE IM PREDIGER STADTVERWALTUNG SCHWÄBISCH GMÜND Johannisplatz 3 73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd "We live forever!" declares the unicorn in "The Last Unicorn", the anima... Continue reading

Jane South, Switch Back, in NYTimes

Posted 17 March, 2020

Jane South's Switch Back in NYTimes," New York Art Galleries: The Virtual Experience", by Jillian Steinhauer. "In her sixth solo exhibition at Spencer Brownstone Gallery, “Switch Back,” Ms. South is showing what you might call soft paintings (and an M.D.F. sculpture in the back... Continue reading

Jane South in the Observer

Posted 27 February, 2020

Jane South's Switch Back featured in Observer's "Lower East Side's Best Art Exhibitions Bring Us Brave New Subgenres of Abstraction", penned by Paddy Johnson. "Perhaps a safer approach comes in the form of “Logistics Abstraction,” an aesthetic largely informed by the materials used to transport and ... Continue reading

Olivier Mosset at MAMCO, Geneva

Posted 25 February, 2020

MUSÉE D’ART MODERNE ET CONTEMPORAIN (MAMCO), Geneva will open a comprehensive retrospective of work by Olivier Mosset. February 25 - June 21, 2020 "Olivier Mosset (b.1944) is one of the central figures in post-war abstract painting, and a pivotal reference for generations of European and American painters. Associated wit... Continue reading

Krista Clark at Zuckerman Museum

Posted 25 January, 2020

Krista Clark featured in a group exhibition at the Zuckerman Museum. January 25 - May 10, 2020 Unbound brings together a multigenerational group of artists whose work takes an inventive and experimental approach to abstraction. Their works consider the essential elements of abstract painting: color, form, gesture, line, and space, through ... Continue reading

Sonya Blesofsky Wins NYSCA/NYFA Fellowship

Posted 9 July, 2019

Congrats to Sonya Blesofsky for winning the NYSCA/NYFA award in Architecture/Environmental Structures/Design Continue reading

Rena Detrixhe "Place Out of Matter" on SculptureNature

Posted 15 May, 2019

Rena Detrixhe's Place Out of Matter reviewed on SculptureNature magazine by Aniko Erdosi. "A deeply rich earthy red rug welcomes the visitors in the gallery space. It is made of red dirt collected from central Oklahoma, carefully sifted into a fine dust, layered and decorated by the ... Continue reading

Artforum Reviews Sonya Blesofsky's "Sneaking Into The Monument Lot From the Building on the Right", in May 2019 issue

Posted 1 May, 2019

Artforum Reviews Sonya Blesofsky's "Sneaking Into The Monument Lot From the Building on the Right", in May 2019 issue Continue reading

Jule Korneffel on Artfuse

Posted 10 April, 2019

Jule Korneffel's here comes trouble featured on Artfuse. Kate Menard writes: "Color is of the utmost importance to painter Jule Korneffel. “I think color lives,” she stated in an interview with Arte Fuse earlier this year. For Korneffel, colors live, breathe and grow via a fluid layering of p... Continue reading

Jule Korneffel on Hyperallergic

Posted 24 March, 2019

Jule Korneffel's here comes trouble reviewed by John Yau of Hyperallergic. He writes. "The layering invites us to venture beyond the surface and look into the painting, while simultaneously registering the nuanced color relationships between the shapes and the ground, as well as among the shapes themselves.&... Continue reading

Sonya Blesofksy in NewYorkTimes: What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week

Posted 9 January, 2019

Sonya Blesofsky's solo-exhibition "sneaking into the monument lot from the building on the right" featured in the New York Times article "What to See in New York Galleries This Week". Jillian Stienhauer writes "Art spaces today are typically pristine and white, or else ... Continue reading

Jane South inducted to the National Academicians Class of 2018, National Academy

Posted 14 November, 2018

Jane South inducted to the National Academicians Class of 2018, National Academy. "Becoming a National Academician is one of the highest honors in American art and architecture and cannot be applied for or solicited. In a tradition dating back to 1825, current members confidentially nominate and elect a new ... Continue reading

Artforum Critic's Picks feature Shane Darwent: Flat End DOme

Posted 8 November, 2018

"One thing I love about Shane Darwent’s show here, his first at the gallery, is that it feels uniquely American—imbued with a plainspoken sentimentality for this country’s rural and suburban spaces." Shane Darwent's FLAT END DOME featured in Artforum's Critic's Pick. Full article here.... Continue reading

Mark Dagley at Musée des beaux-arts - La Chaux-de-Fonds

Posted 31 October, 2018

Mark Dagley's Direct newly on display at Musée des beaux-arts - La Chaux-de-Fonds. Mark Dagley Direct, 1987 Acrylic, polymer resin, on canvas and wood Continue reading