Mira Dayal: In that Empire at Spencer Brownstone Gallery
An interview between Mira Dayal and Etty Yaniv of Artspiel offers a closer look at the concepts present in her exhibition, "...In that Empire...".

"That balance of specificity and expansiveness, material intrigue and critical rigor, is something I try to achieve across my work. I am invested in making work that feels ambitious or inventive on a formal or material level, that considers materials’ historical uses, potential futures, and entanglements in a larger net of questions and vocabularies. I use materials to explore, in a nuanced way, larger critiques—here, of Empire, of colonialism, of institutions, of human relations to the land, of photography. With this show, as with past installations, I was interested in the excessive use of materials that were still subtly integrated with the space’s architecture. The work can be physically perceived and cognitively interpreted on multiple levels."

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