Katie Bell in Cultbytes

Posted 10 June, 2021

Katie Bell's ARENA featured in Cultybytes: "Katie Bell Brings Both Logic and Chance to her Playful “ARENA” by Annabel Keenna. "Bell’s first show with Spencer Brownstone Gallery, “ARENA” brings together an array of materials and shapes, both found and fabricated. Though her background is in painting, ... Continue reading

Katie Bell in Art in America

Posted 28 May, 2021

Katie Bell's ARENA reviewed by David Everitt Howe for Art in America. "There’s a rich history of scatter pieces in Post-Minimalist art, starting around 1967 when Robert Morris, Richard Serra, and Barry Le Va started flinging around chunky felt, dirt, steel, broken glass, and—in a famed piec... Continue reading

Jane South Awarded 2021 Guggenheim Fellowship

Posted 8 April, 2021

Jane South has been awarded the prestigious 2021 Guggenheim Fellowship. Created in 1925 by Senator Simon and Olga Guggenheim in memory of their son John Simon Guggenheim, the Foundation has offered fellowships to exceptional individuals in pursuit of scholarship in any field of knowledge and creation in any art form, ... Continue reading

Krista Clark in Upcoming New Museum Triennial

Posted 3 April, 2021

Krista Clark included in the upcoming New Museum Triennial: Soft Water Hard Stone, curated by Margot Norton and Jamillah James. "New York, NY...The New Museum announces the 2021 Triennial, “Soft Water Hard Stone,” on view from October 27, 2021 to January 23, 2022. Installed throughout all of the Museum’s galleries, the fi... Continue reading

Mira Dayal on Pollinate.co

Posted 2 April, 2021

...as Artist, Cartographer, and Architect: Mira Dayal at Spencer Brownstone Gallery, a review of Mira Dayal's "...In that Empire..." by Emily Conklin on Pollinate.co. "The 2D and the 3D come together here as Dayal engages the gallery with the eye and aptitude of an ... Continue reading

Mira Dayal Interview with Etty Yaniv on Artspiel

Posted 1 April, 2021

Mira Dayal: In that Empire at Spencer Brownstone Gallery An interview between Mira Dayal and Etty Yaniv of Artspiel offers a closer look at the concepts present in her exhibition, "...In that Empire...". "That balance of specificity and expansiveness, material intrigue and critical rigor, is ... Continue reading

Mira Dayal in Hyperallergic

Posted 13 March, 2021

Mira Dayal reviewed in Hyperallergic's Weekend Reviews: Mira Dayal Maps a Gallery Floor, by Louis Bury. "These quiet deformations of gallery space suggest another allegorical layer to …In that Empire: the way in which cultural values change across time. In Borges’s story, each new generation finds faul... Continue reading

Mira Dayal in Artefuse

Posted 11 March, 2021

Mira Dayal's ...In that Empire, the Art of Cartography attained such Perfection that the map of a single Province occupied the entirety of a City, and the map of the Empire, the entirety of a Province... reviewed on Artfuse by Sophia Ma. Full article here. Continue reading

Mira Dayal in the Art Newspaper

Posted 19 February, 2021

Mira Dayal's ...In that Empire, the Art of Cartography attained such Perfection that the map of a single Province occupied the entirety of a City, and the map of the Empire, the entirety of a Province. In time, those Unconscionable Maps no longer satisfied, and the Cartographers Guilds ... Continue reading

Jane South, Switch Back in Momus

Posted 13 January, 2021

Jane South's Switch Back featured in Momus: "We Are Gathered Here to Grieve: Salvaging, Mourning, and ‘Cargo Cult Formalism’ in New York," by Andrew Woolbright. "After the stay-at-home order lifted in New York City, the first show I visited was Jane South’s at Spencer Browns... Continue reading

Ariel Orozco on Artnet News

Posted 4 January, 2021

Ariel Orozco's Have a seat and let me tell you on Artnet News: How Mexico City’s Epic Traffic Jams Inspired Cuban Artist Ariel Orozco’s Latest New York Show "In “Have a seat and let me tell you,” the artist’s second solo exhibition with New York’s Spe... Continue reading

Olivier Mosset & Matthew McCaslin at The Consortium, Dijon

Posted 24 November, 2020

Matthew McCaslin, Olivier Mosset New York: The 1980s; Part II Olivier Mosset, Steve DiBenedetto, Michael Scott, Alan Uglow, David Diao, Jessica Stockholder, Matthew McCaslin, Aimee Morgana The Consortium Museum Dijon, France 26 October 2019 - 25 April 2021 "The Consortium Museum presents a new thematic display of artworks from its permanent ... Continue reading

Matthew McCaslin at Kunst Museum St. Gallen

Posted 24 October, 2020

Matthew McCaslin with Karin Karinna Bühler, Silvie & Chérif Defraoui, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Georg Gatsas, Andy Guhl, Alexander Hahn, Mona Hatoum, Peter Liechti, MANON, Norbert Möslang, Jason Rhoades, Pipilotti Rist, Keith Sonnier, Aleksandra Signer, Roman Signer. Welt am Draht / World on a Wire Kunst Museum St.... Continue reading

Mark Dagley at The Fundación MAPFRE Guanarteme

Posted 17 September, 2020

Mark Dagley Asymmetric Variants Of Relationships and Fragments The Fundación MAPFRE Guanarteme Canary Islands, Spain September 17 - November 27, 2020 "Asymmetric variants supposes a different way of considering today who we are and those around us in these times of isolation and cataclysm that condition us. To understand t... Continue reading

Online Viewing Room

Posted 13 June, 2020

SBG is pleased to announce the launch of our own Online Viewing Room with the continuation of Jane South's solo-exhibition, Switch Back, now live. The show features all available work from her gallery installation plus additional new work made in the past three months. Please stay tuned for ... Continue reading

Martin Wöhrl , Elephant in the Room, Kustverein Ingolstadt

Posted 30 May, 2020

Martin Wöhrl 's solo-exhibition, Elephant in the Room, opening at Kustverein Ingolstadt May 30 - July 5, 2020 "Die Ausstellung ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM zeigt zum ersten Mal die gesamte Serie der in den letzten Jahren entstandenen Betonskulpturen des Bildhauers Martin Wöhrl (geb. 1974 in München). Die Architektur des... Continue reading