Wonderful review of Jane South's current solo exhibition "Halfway Off" in the October issue of The Brooklyn Rail, penned by Andrew Woolbright. Big thanks to Andrew Woolbright for your words.

"For her current exhibition Halfway Off, South continues to produce from the mind of the hand and its partner, the industrial sewing machine. Between foot and plate, South finds the relational and situational dialectics, tensions, and moments between textures and fibers, discovering synthesis through process. Neath (2023) feels like the hinge between the last exhibition and this one. The pivot. It is the one that carries over her previous languages of absence, shed, and architectural memory and returns to South’s recurring forms: the circle, the oculus, the hull. It is a vent that reveals openings to the layers of fabric underneath, or the wall itself behind it. John Berger noted that the oculus was the language of oblivion, the infinite and the void in one. South’s morphology often drifts between that and the shape of a tablet, a rectangle with rounded corners, that either scries past our present moment or returns to us the ways we used to feel before the break..."

Full article here.