Shane Darwent's "Sun Smoke" featured in the NYTImes "What to See in NYC Galleries Right Now."

Blake Gopnik writes: "They work very nicely as exercises in shape and composition that cleverly deploy, and recast, a humble material normally found along city streets. But on the Lower East Side, and right now, these recent pieces by Darwent, 38, seem more site- and time-specific than that. Despite being based in Tulsa, Okla., Darwent seems to have plugged into issues that vex New York City now: His “Nocturne (Wedge),” rears up like an obelisk, slightly broken, as though in commemoration of our lost retailers. “Nocturne (Sandstone)” pairs an awning with a glum boulder; hunkering low to the ground, it might be the Tomb of the Unknown Bodega."

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