...as Artist, Cartographer, and Architect: Mira Dayal at Spencer Brownstone Gallery, a review of Mira Dayal's "...In that Empire..." by Emily Conklin on Pollinate.co.

"The 2D and the 3D come together here as Dayal engages the gallery with the eye and aptitude of an architect, putting herself at an intersection the mythical cartographer once claimed. We usually see architecture’s most basic purpose as protecting those within from the elements. Yet here, Dayal welcomes the wind in, not through an open window but through cage-type fans: These fans may be on when you visit, they may not. Most likely, one or two will be going, their direction and force dictated by clever circuitry embedded in the centerfold of the show — a sculptural weather vane in the gallery’s backyard, an ancient head of The Wind like Dayal found on many medieval maps. Topped with flowing hair, the Wind’s lips are pursed and blowing the breeze around the world as easily as if extinguishing a birthday candle."

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