Jule Korneffel's second solo exhibition with the gallery, Here comes the night, reviewed by John Yau on Hyperallergic: The Pleasures of Slow Looking.

"Initially inspired by Mary Heilmann’s seemingly casual approach to abstraction, Jule Korneffel has moved steadily deeper into her own territory. In her debut exhibition at Spencer Brownstone in March 2019, Korneffel told Jamie Martinez in Arte Fuse that she was after a “calm joy.” Her paintings consisted of thinly layered matte grounds on which she made a circular gesture, either as a quickly drawn, loaded line or as an irregular circular shape. One of the striking things about these paintings was that earlier shapes and previous grounds peered through the surface, inviting the viewer to look into the paint, as well as take notice of the layers and color relationships. The paintings were simultaneously informal and slow to reveal themselves. In contrast to Heilmann, whose color choices often are derived from pop and vernacular culture, such as the yellow-centric palette of The Simpsons and the bright colors of a Mexican serape, Korneffel’s sources are less namable."

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