Mira Dayal reviewed in Hyperallergic's Weekend Reviews: Mira Dayal Maps a Gallery Floor, by Louis Bury.

"These quiet deformations of gallery space suggest another allegorical layer to …In that Empire: the way in which cultural values change across time. In Borges’s story, each new generation finds fault with the previous generation’s “Unconscionable Maps” and elects to redraw or discard them. A similar generational transvaluation of whiteness — as a wall color and, especially, as a concept — is at play in Dayal’s exhibition. In the era of Black Lives Matter and Trumpian white nationalism, the phrase “white cube” seems more than just a commentary on the purported neutrality of gallery walls, as O’Doherty intended, but also a commentary on the purported neutrality of whiteness as a racial construct and that construct’s historical role in shaping gallery norms. The absurdity of Dayal’s 1:1 mapping gesture suggests that today’s progressive arguments about race, while urgent, are not entirely new. And the soft-spoken contrast between …In that Empire’s darkened floor and its bare white walls demonstrates how Dayal’s artistic practice addresses such concerns through sensory and phenomenal nuance, allowing visitors to experience some of the ways in which contemporary maps of the art world are being redrawn."

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