Jule Korneffel


Jule Korneffel’s abstract style of inscriptive mark making follows a minimalist sensibility. Yet by allowing the underpainting to remain visible, the paintings reveal a process of reduction and layering that act as a filtering of experiences. Through what she refers to as "floating through its creation", Korneffel's practice involves viewing the picture plane as a lived experience in which she is able to arrive at precise forms and colors. Her primary focus is the nature and application of color for which she is constantly developing her own technique. The multiple layering and matte surfaces derive from her European Academia background, particularly inspired by Italian Renaissance painters, while the intuitive and open-layered approach relates to a more American painting tradition drawn from internal dialogue.

Jule Korneffel is a German artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA at Hunter College in 2018 and received a diploma in Fine Arts from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where she studied as a Masterstudent with Tal R. Her work has been shown in several art spaces and galleries, including Maldonado Projects NY, Herkules Art Program, NY, Matjö BBK, Cologne, Lesley Heller Gallery Workspace, NY, Art Historian Institute Bonn, Germany, Autocenter, Berlin, Helpers Gallery, NY, and ltd los angeles, Los Angeles.