here comes trouble
6 March – 21 April, 2019


Jule Korneffel
here comes trouble
March 6 - April 21, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, March 8th, 6-8pm

Spencer Brownstone Gallery is thrilled to announce here comes trouble, an exhibition of new paintings by Jule Korneffel.

“Uh Oh.”

Highly personal concept. Bright, vivid, colors. Amorphous, primal formation of shapes. And a resistance to canon or categorization.

Korneffel’s Sunset is a large, acrylic on canvas with a light blue background and three round blots of paint in navy blue, pink, and purple. Despite its perceived simplicity, her work is about the color of air, Grand Unification Theory, childhood memories and future visions, a mathematician father, the frescoes of Fra Angelico, infinity, and apples. A closer look at the painting reveals two or three additional blots and a strata of color along the edge. Working towards a final picture, she freely conjures images and just as freely washes over them to create layers space. Waves of meaning ebb and flow through this process and new ideas emerge in their intersections.

“Here comes trouble”

-can be heraldic and idiomatic. Like all idioms, it has meaning that is not deducible by the words provided alone. It also signals the arrival of trouble, whether or not we perceive the comer to actually be trouble.

Artist Bio

Jule Korneffel is a German artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She finished her MFA at Hunter College in 2018 and received a diploma in Fine Arts from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where she studied as a Masterstudent with Tal R. Her work has been shown in several art spaces and galleries, including Maldonado Projects NY, Herkules Art Program, NY, Matjö BBK, Cologne, Lesley Heller Gallery Workspace, NY, Art Historian Institute Bonn, Germany, Unisex Salon, NY, New Women Space/Lady Art Nation, NY Helpers Gallery, NY, and ltd los angeles, Los Angeles.