Tessa Farmer is participating in the multi-venue, multi-disciplinary arts project step in stone taking place in and around a number of quarries in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, UK. The brainchild of Fiona Campbell and envisioned as an "art-in-quarries trail", step in stone uses art installations, educational projects and community outreach to increase awareness of the history, beauty and environmental concerns of the region.

For her part, Tessa will be showing at two venues - the Somerset Earth Science Centre and the appropriately named Fairy Cave Quarry. She has this to say on her installation:
"The main body of my work is installed in Fairy Cave Quarry. This place has an otherworldly feel and the shifting sense of scale from the vast quarry face down to the minutiae of the thriving natural world recalls Alice’s unsettling journey down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Inspired by the abundant, rare, ancient and extinct nature that inhabits Fairy Cave Quarry, and combining the real and the imagined, the installations within earthy mounds and inside rock crevices in the quarry face offer a rare glimpse into an imagined wonderland or fairyland that lies just below and beyond the surfaces of the quarry."

The project runs through October 18, while Tessa's installation in the quarry will open to the public on October 3.

For more information, locations and dates, please look here.