Tatton Park Biennial
May 12 – September 30, 2012
Tatton Park Gardens
Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6SG, United Kingdom
Tatton Park Biennial

Participating Artists: Charbel Ackerman, Brass Art, David Cotterrell, Tom Dale, Simon Faithfull, Jem Finer, Oliver Grossetete, Hilary Jack, Juneau Projects, Dinu Li, Pointfive, Aura Satz, Ultimate Holding Company, Sarah Woodfine and Tessa Farmer.

This third edition of the Biennial considers the human urge to fly, to accomplish the impossible in fragile times. Its artists are considering the impact of experimentation on delicate eco-systems, looking backward and forward for guidance, wisdom and/or humour. Their proposed results are experiments in time and space. In 2012, artists are bringing their own responses to the precarious nature of human flight, the historical relationship between Tatton Park and the aviation industry, the inexorable development of our technologies and their applications and miscommunications in the post-global virtual village.

Tessa’s work for the Biennial will take the form of an elaborate installation in the Mansion, considering the many animals that have visited space in human-made crafts. Her practice involves the creation of detailed narratives in which malevolent fairies overpower and ultimately decimate their host environments.