The gallery will be closed this coming week, June 10-16, for installation of our new exhibition – Seamus Harahan & Miriam de Búrca’s AWingBigCell which will be on view from Tuesday June 17th through Saturday July 19th.

This remarkable three-channel video work takes as its subject the notorious Maze Prison in Northern Ireland, formerly home to paramilitary prisoners from the various factions of the country’s 30 year political conflict, and now scheduled for demolition. The artists gained access to the site and have edited hours of video footage into a twenty minute, multi-channel work with audio that will be projected over three screens.

Please note, we will be having a closing for the show rather than an opening, so stay tuned for details on a closing party and special screening towards the middle of July. In the meantime, read more about the exhibition here, and we look forward to seeing you at the gallery from June 17th onward.