Olivier Mosset's monumental, five-panel, orange monochrome paintings will be shown at a solo exhibition at Massimo de Carlo, Milan. The large scale paintings were initially made back in 2002 for a solo exhibition at Spencer Brownstone Gallery, and features the gallery's old orange logo color.

2002 SBG Exhibition Press Release:
"With two wall-size monochrome canvases, Olivier Mosset engages us with his own peculiar and subtle brand of site-specificity. These enormous works (in 5 parts each) are not only made to the exact dimensions of the gallery wall, their vibrant orange color adopts the Pantone® 021 color that the gallery uses for it’s letter-heads, business cards and general stationary. In a further twist of institutional doubling, this exhibition also mirrors the artist’s last exhibition at Spencer Brownstone Gallery, which featured the same wall-sized canvases in white.
Kate Linker has written that Mosset’s work …dramatizes the division between art’s materialist production and its idealist reception. With this installation, we are again invited to lose ourselves in the scale and sensuality of the canvases, before being thrown-back again by the works’ recalcitrant, yet playful, materiality."

Olivier Mosset at SBG, 2002