Jane South

March 29 — April 30, 2014
Opening reception: March 29, 6-8 pm

Spencer Brownstone Gallery is pleased to announce Raked a new, major, site-specific installation by Jane South.

Raked was envisioned by the artist as a continuation of her installation Floor/Ceiling, shown at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art last year. Making use of many of the same elements, this new installation develops the themes and inspirations present in its earlier iteration. Built around a frame evoking a stage, Raked is not only a shift from the hanging structure of Floor/Ceiling, but a change in the entire dynamic of the installation. The title references the theatrical practice of sloping the stage to allow the entire audience access to the action; in the context of this installation, it emphasizes the reference to theater, while further serving to destabilize the objects strewn across it.

Also on view will be new work from the artist’s ongoing series, Flats. The result of deeper examination into her sculptural practice, these wall pieces are the two-dimensional analogue to South’s three-dimensional work. 

For more information, please contact the gallery.