Olivier Mosset, Abstraction with a Political Conscience on Hyperallergic.

Gwenaël Kerlidou writes "What separates Olivier Mosset from the rest of the group, however, is his rejection of a signature style. Buren owns the vertical stripes — and was upset when Mosset showed stripe paintings in 1974 — while Toroni has turned the size # 50 brush mark into a signature style and Parmentier explored folded and spray-painted horizontal bands, but Mosset never laid claim to a specific trademark."

"Mosset’s entire enterprise is one of distraction, of redirecting the viewer’s attention away from the paintings, whether by making the paintings disappear into the wall (as in his monumental work for the 1977 Biennale de Paris) or by interfering with their apprehension, placing as much obstruction (the Toblerones) or distraction (the customized motorcycles) as possible between them and the viewer."

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