Presente Continuo
October 9 – November 22
Opening reception, October 9 at 6 pm

It is with pleasure that Spencer Brownstone Gallery announces Presente Continuo, the first solo exhibition in New York of Mexico City-based artist, Ariel Orozco.

Ariel Orozco draws from his roots in performance in this exhibition of new work, stemming from an earlier piece by the artist, Peces. In this, a fishbowl was filled with ink, its liquid state representative of the potential of what the ink may become in the hand of the artist. Many of the works shown here hold the vestiges of the artist’s presence in the implied actions needed for their completion. But moreover, it is the potential that Peces represents which Orozco draws from, manipulating our perception of time to create a space of contemplation. In the titular artwork, a call bell has been manipulated so its ring is drawn out to an unnatural length – a “continuous present”. This frozen moment is repeated throughout the exhibition, capturing the potential of object and material that the artist reveals by his interventions.

We would like to thank Belén Moro Mori for her assistance in organizing this exhibition.

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