Ariel Orozco's Have a seat and let me tell you on Artnet News: How Mexico City’s Epic Traffic Jams Inspired Cuban Artist Ariel Orozco’s Latest New York Show

"In “Have a seat and let me tell you,” the artist’s second solo exhibition with New York’s Spencer Brownstone Gallery, Orozco has translated elements of that experience into four new crisp white panels, each embedded with identical patterns of circular lights.
Though the arrangements of the lights are identical in each of the panels, the flashes of light follow unique patterns. Evoking the back of 18-wheelers, each set of lights follow a looped record of one route taking place over a set period of time.
As is common of Orozco’s practice, these new works (from a series called “La cabeza en los pies”) lie somewhere between painting, installation, and performance. From the still point of the gallery, we are able to mentally follow each work along its journey with a renewed awareness of our own projections of meaning, senses of boundaries, and the symbols with which we anticipate movements."

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