The Chocolate Factory Foundation, a historic culture center that once operated as a chocolate producing factory, reopens with an inaugurate installation by duo Daniel Gonzalez, and SBG artist, Anna Galtarossa.

¨ Anna will realize in a room of the Foundation a world unto itself, a dream-like ecosystem inspired by a trip she made ​​in Kamchatka, a country situated in the extreme east of Siberia bordering the Bering Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the sea ​​Okhostk. It is an area characterized by the presence of 160 volcanoes, 30 of which are still active, by high-altitude lakes, snow-capped peaks, plumes geyser of black lava and unspoiled tundra. Kamchatka '16 (continuation and completion of a project by the artist presented to Viafarini in 2005) is the title of the work that presents textures in an armchair traveling on a rail in a reality created as a result of a review process and metabolizzamento of their experience, thanks to a phase of influence and alliance between two stages of reflection, a place on the trip and one at the arrival base. Everything is unreal, flipped and fantastic, animals-monsters, to plastic volcanoes, the intermittent lights.¨

The Chocolate Factory Foundation
Canton Ticino, Switzerland
Opens May 21

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