Six Shooter
Charong Chow, Glynnis McDaris, Jun Iseyama, Sylvie Sepic, Sandrine Vivier, Charlotta Westergren
1 June – 30 June, 1999


During the month of June, the Spencer Brownstone Gallery will present a compilation of video pieces by Charong Chung, Glynnis McDaris, Jun Iseyama, Sylvie Sepic, Sandrine Vivier, and Charlotta Westergren. This sampling is meant to be an introduction to an emerging generation of women working in video. Their backgrounds, approach and sensibilities are vastly different , reflecting the range and freedom the medium presents. We invite you to pull up a chair, relax and enjoy.

Artist Bio

Charong Chow uses the Hollywood B-movie standard to cheekily deconstruct a variety of stereotypes. In “3 minute Othello” Chow pokes fun at the resurgence of Shakespeare films by doing her own take with dildos.

Glynnis McDaris revels in the moments that seem “strangely perfect and wrong at the same time.” The static radio hum is a backdrop for the ritual of frenetic night wandering, looking for something to do when it’s already all been done.

Jun Iseyama at once, breaks down and celebrates mundane, repetetive actions. With “ in between, ” the simple act of drinking a glass of wine becomes a theatrical excursion into refracted introspection.

Sylive Sepic examines the insistent passage of time, the repugnance but inevitability of disintegration and the desire to “ just disappear.”

Sandrine Vivier constructs a witty confluence of cliches and myths taken from different sources. Emphasizing the absurd, Vivier responds to a culture born into mass consumption and instant gratification.

Charlotta Westegren underscores the looming sexuality of adolescence through the retelling of fairy tales from her native Sweden. The surreal color saturation of her videos immerse the viewer into an enchanted but disturbing world that exists between memory and fabrication.