Suck and Blow
17 September – 17 October, 1998


Opening reception Thursday September 17, 6-8 PM

The Spencer Brownstone Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of an installation by the Vienna-based artist group Gelitin. On the heels of their hugely successful month-long performance series and environments constructed for P.S. 1, Gelitin will transform the gallery space into breathing “entity”. Visitors will be able to make parasitic journeys through its various chambers, leaving their own marks upon vulnerable plastic membranes made entirely of garbage bags “inhaling” and exhaling” at imprecise intervals. A performance by the group is scheduled for the opening reception of the installation.
Since their inception in 1995, Gelitin have created performances, environments and videos that are a seamless amalgamation of their varied backgrounds. Drawing from the breadth of their combined interests in animation, political science, city planning and stage design, Gelitin constructs environments that are playful and uninhibited. Dubbed as the “Cheerful grandchildren of the Austrian Actionists,” Gelitin has spearheaded a movement that has left its mark on the Austrian art scene and has inspired a large, devoted and even fanatical following in that country.

Artist Bio

Gelitin’s members are:

Ali Janka
Florian Reither
Tobias Urban
Wolfgang Ganther