New Works
24 February – 1 April, 2000


Opening reception March 2, 6-8pm

The Spencer Brownstone Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of video and photographic works by New York artist, Kelly E. Lamb. Ms. Lamb is a graduate of Bennington College. Her work has most recently exhibited in “Corps Social,” at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Paris, France. Ms. Lamb’s work examines intensely personal moments that exist on the brink of transformation, often utilizing movement and sound in a hypnotic way.
“The Rose,” is Kelly Lamb’s newest video piece shot in Japan of a traditional Geisha that disrobes and redresses in front of the camera. The clothing reflects an elaborate culture, a complicated elegance and mystery inherent with the choice of tradition. As she discards each layer of clothing, the “Geisha” gradually disappears. The weight of history, custom, choice and reluctance seems carefully folded into the garments and placed at her side. For a moment, a woman smiles at the camera, without artifice before dressing again. The piece is slow motion effected and lasts 1 1/2 hours. Within this timespan, each movement becomes a ritualized gesture. Accompanying the video is music sampled from a traditional Japanese instrument, the Koto. Here as well, effects are used to literally degenerate tradition into an uneasy but secondary presence. What was once an imperative, is now simply a reminder.
In addition to the video, Ms. Lamb will be exhibiting photographs. Sharply contrasting the video, the photographs are crisp, straightforward images of an All-American sexiness. Kelly Lamb’s gaze jumps from wide-eyed smiles to anonymous limbs adorned by Playboy Bunny costumes. The full-faced bunny-eared grins are at odds with salacious prints of legs (and feet wearing identical shoes) in darkened corners. With these culturally distinct representations, Ms. Lamb explores the similarity of the two “traditions.” She is a neutral observer, all the while being conscious of the realities that connects these women to their choices.