Tell the Children / Abstraction Pour Enfants
Group show at La Salle de Bains Lyon
April 3  - June 10th, 2012
Opening: March 31st

Artists: Christian Floquet, Jean-Luc Manz, Stéphane Dafflon, Philippe Decrauzat, Ian Anüll, Claudia Compte, Mai-Thu Perret, John Armleder, Olivier Mosset, John Trembley, Dan Walsh, David Malek, Lisa Beck, Jakob Kassay, Emil-Michael Klein, Flora Klein, Richard Kirwan, Stéphane Kropf

Tell The Children / Abstraction Pour Enfants is a proposal by the Swiss artist Francis Baudevin which refers to Andy Warhol’s Children’s Book produced in 1983 at Galerie Bischofberger of Zurich. At La Salle de Bains in Lyon, Baudevin takes the side of the cover or remake because fits the display abstract painting that Warhol had designed for his Pop works. Abstract painting, mainly geometric, is presented here to the tune of children so they can fully enjoy the works and, perhaps, see what we no longer see as adults. This exhibition is both a work in itself, an installation and a free hand. It invites us to find our inner child and to unlearn or better (re) learn to look at abstraction.
Commissioned by Francis and Caroline Baudevin Be Petithomme