Jeff Gabel will be giving the Black Sheep Lecture #49 on October 19, at the Hanok of Artsonje Center in Seoul, South Korea.

The BLACK SHEEP lecture series was initiated by two professors; Dirk Fleischmann and Jung Hunyee from Hansung University in 2009, and until now more than 35 lectures have been held. For the past year the series has been organized by Fleischmann together with samuso: space for contemporary art, the lectures being held at the Hanok of Artsonje Center.

Samuso(Space for Contemporary Art) is an initiative curatorial office founded in 2005 based in Seoul, Korea, to realize a new form of art institution without an exhibition space. Based on its new ideas, Samuso presents the most relevant and innovative exhibitions, educational programs, public lectures, symposiums and publications in contemporary art.

Black Sheep Lecture #49
Hanok of Artsonje Center
Seoul, South Korea
October 19, 2012
7-9 pm

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