Invisible Monuments
Group show at La Galerie Contemporary Art Centre
May 26, 2012 – July 21, 2012

Opening: Friday, May 25, 2012

Noisy-le-Sec, France

Participating Artists:
Fayçal Baghriche, Eric Baudelaire, Tomaso de Luca, Goldiechiari, Iris Touliatou, Stefanos Tsivopoulos
Guest Curator: Costanza Paissan as part of La Galerie’s annual residency for curator

In his essay “Monuments”, in Posthumous Papers of a Living Author (1936), Austrian writer Robert Musil addresses the question of how monuments are perceived, describing them as “invisible” and “impregnated with something that repels attention.”  The Invisible Monuments exhibition takes Musil’s paradox of vision and attention as its starting point: monuments, while intended to attract the eye, are in fact imperceptible and “gaze-repellent” – refractory to both sight and understanding. They exist, but are not alive. They occupy a space both real and ideal, but are empty, transparent, indeterminate. At variance with our senses, they slip out of view. What does this imply for those great tributes to the past, those statues of heroes and those buildings dedicated to “memorable” moments? Where are the traces of those who have gone before us, our exemplars for the present and the pillars on which to build the future?

The works by the artists taking part in this exhibition challenge the notion of the monument: its function, value and meaning in today’s world. This critical conjecturing has its roots in an artefact that has always been characterised by a powerful symbolic charge and conspicuous conceptual depth. The monument is not merely an artwork or a piece of architecture set in the public space: it is above all intended as an embodiment of a memory, a repository for personal or group recollection and a bearer of a message through time.

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